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What's Up? Signed Hardcover Edition (Bookmarks & Sticker) Free Shipping!

What's Up? Signed Hardcover Edition (Bookmarks & Sticker) Free Shipping!

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What's Up? Signed Hardcover Edition with 3 bookmarks, 3 stickers, FREE Shipping!

With beautiful illustrations on every page, "What's Up?" is a transformational tale that inspires children to believe in themselves, follow their dreams, and find their own truth in a world that sometimes doesn’t seem to make any sense. 

Ella is a curious young girl growing up in a quirky little town where the people are so stuck in their ways, they can’t imagine the world any differently. For reasons no one can remember, the people in the town build the tiniest homes to live in. The homes are so tiny that by the time you're seven years old, you need to duck your head just to get inside. And the grown-ups in town have become so used to bending over inside that even when they’re outside, they can only stare at the ground. 

Determined to find out why everyone lives this way, Ella asks everyone in town “why?”, but surprisingly, no one knows. “It’s just the way it is,” all the grown-ups insist. So eventually, Ella stopped asking why and started accepting what was. But as she grew taller, the ceiling grew closer and closer, until one day... it happened. Ella bumped her head into the ceiling. Panicked, Ella ran outside, overwhelmed by her destiny of staring straight at the ground forever. But that night, Ella had a dream that revealed the impossible was possible. And by following her dream and trusting her own truth, Ella transforms the town of LIMITS into a world that is limitless.

This is a story for every child who sees the world as it could be and asks herself... why not?

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